David Fouch Photography

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Hi! My name is David Fouch. Welcome to my site!

In 1938 two amateur photographers traveled from Chicago by car to the mountains of Colorado (quite a trip in those days). My father and grandfather were burdened with heavy medium and large format cameras, film, film holders, filters and all the other accessories that you needed at that time to take good photographic images. They were only able to capture the scenes they saw in black and white, yet they took some of the most dramatic landscape images I’ve ever seen.

Stories of that early photo expedition out west and the darkroom that the subsequent prints were produced in formed some of my earliest memories. Since then things have gotten simpler. Photographers today use lightweight medium format, 35mm and digital cameras to capture their images and they often use computers instead of darkrooms to manipulate those images. Yet, good photography still depends on the eye… on the individual photographer’s ability to see beauty in the mundane and everyday scenes all around them.

The photography of my father, Robert S. Fouch has always been an inspiration to me, and his keen eye for tone, color and composition has always been my benchmark when taking pictures.

In my dad’s memory I have included an album of his work on my site.

I hope you enjoy my photography as much as I have enjoyed his.

David Fouch
March 23, 2005